Here's truth number 2: I am a cutter.  Have been since I old enough to hold a pair of blunted child-poof scissors in my stubby hands. I would spend countless hours cutting up images out of magazines and creating mixed-media art and sculptures out of it.  I would literally lose track of time and go to this perfectly quiet and peaceful place where I could have intense focus and just create. And I was happy.  A few months ago I was not happy, so I pulled out some magazines and scissors and started creating again.  My mom saw me and said, "Oh great! You are cutting again!"--probably the only mother in the world excited that her daughter is cutting. But the process completely transported and transformed me once again. I loved that I was able to take something of no value, and recombine it in such a way as to create something beautiful, quirky, and innovative--something completely unique.

3/12/2011 11:40:16 am

Love all your insights! Can't wait to read your next article!


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